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Tired of Ironing Daisy Clean Maid Company was founded in 2013 and has been providing quality Ironing Services Bramhall Stockport and surrounding areas to the public ever …


Telephone now 0161 425 4848 call our mobile sending us a text 07730059398 for your collection 


Tired of Ironing Daisy Clean Maid Company offer you to use our Timer Saver Boxs  we say fill this and we will take it away

Hello, Daisy Clean Maid for all your Ironing

You could be in a rush, how about hate ironing or pressed for time ? If so you’ll love our local professional Home Ironing service pressed to meet your budget

Some of the Amazing Clients I’ve Worked With


we are your maid we can do your laundry and Ironing services

Pick Up and Delivery 1 mile radius from Stockport Ironing Services Bramhall is free we will collect even at your place of work when we collect you will receive your free bag for your Laundry Services  

Ironing services Bramhall

We purchased the best just for you so you don’t have to worry De-Luxe vacuum and thermostatically controlled heated ironing table for industrial / commercial use so your delivery returns back same day next day or another day  

Bramhall Ironing Services

We Daisy Clean Maid use Rotary Miele Commercial Professional Industrial Rotary Iron Integrated Foot Pedal for all your sheets and pillow cases you name it we will roll it through to iron

Stockport Ironing Services

The first known use of heated metal to “iron” clothes is known to have occurred in China. The electric iron was invented in 1882, by Henry W. Seeley ever since then Daisy Clean Maid still needs to refer back to the Ironing board for your delicacies

Jonathan Fox

Founder of Daisy Clean Maid

“We started in 2013 because we know what Laundry means we have serviced pubs, restaurants, Nursing homes, Various Business for staff uniforms, and have helped the community through out North West because they trust us to deliver back fast

Grace Ayres

Lead Director of Daisy Clean Maid

Laundry Services and Ironing Services located in Bramhall Stockport 01614254848 send your address by text 07730059398

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