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We provide a full range of custom residential & Small Business cleaning services.  

We are environmentally friendly with cleaning products that work

Daisyclean Maid can provide you a wide range of cleaning services in your household we offer Custom Cleaning and Maid Services. We can do just about do ANYTHING for you in your home and in your office Cleaning Specialists down to a single Maid or Housekeeper or just a general clean round the office.  We can offer you a one time service as well as service on a regular schedule.

Our Maid Service Office Cleaning Specialist what ever if it is a office business or a cleaning requirements what ever the need we do everything to the very Best which ensures your home or office is spotlessly gleaming clean.

It just may be you need a simple Residential housekeeper with a Maid Service or do you need your Office cleaning as we are the best office cleaning specialist.   Our services can offer you the cleaning that your expect this can be a one off cleaning service as well a move out cleaning to a regular schedule we will work with you whatever your need.  Our goal is to make your life stress free, cleaner and lighter!

How do we do we manage to do this.

We go the extra mile and tidy up for you, scrub and clean everything in your home or office!  Bathrooms Living rooms Bedrooms and Kitchens we go in your utility room and conservatory, everything inside and out. We will scrub your floors skirting boards and your hall way and landing we do your pvc windows and sills. We dust and polish, vacuum and deep clean your living spaces and scrub and shine everything we see from your chandeliers to the pictures on the wall we reach your ceiling to your skirting boards and your floors will be hovered or scrubbed. Deep Cleaning we do then we polish

We are increasing the range of services we offer just ask

Housekeeping Services

The house keeper is probably the most requested role in Daisy Clean Maid Services as we take pride in work that we do it may be you have an informal family home which needs the house cleaning to be kept on top off and only need a couple of days in a week or full house of staff we will aim to meet your requirements.

As well as keeping the house clean an orderly we will wash, dry, fold and put away laundry. Or we can pick it up and drop it off for you we operate our own private laundry service we hand washing delicate items and soak soiled hard stains clothing we do your ironing. down to managing your wardrobe  We can keep your refrigerator clean discarding out of date food and we will clean in and out of your food cupboards ask we will do it.

Residential Cleaning Maid Services

We are the maids highly elaborate in your home as a domestic worker even in middle in-come households we will strive to meet your budget our duties of our typical domestic chores are such as deep cleaning. We do everything what most firms wont do down to your ironing folding clothes , change your bed linen grocery shopping  We wash, dry, fold and put away your washing provide you your own personal laundry service we can take your washing away and then return it back to you.

Cleaning Maid Services

House cleaning is the effectively what Daisy Clean maid Services provides as a ongoing protection from bacteria as a promise to you for the removal of surface dirt and grime which is an essential part of our service providing and maintaining a clean and tidy home scrubbing floors wash down all appliances and sanitizing, cabinets and closets clean out draws and get you organized, as well as toilets basins the floors walls washed down and cracks and corners with embedded bacteria as a specialist cleaning service we pride our selves to go thoroughly clean in your home and sanities all living space with every visit with our specialist cleaning chemicals we provide

De Clutter your Life

Excessive clutter hoarding seems to be symptom of modern life or could be listed as a subtype of obsessive compulsive disorder it is an inability or unwillingness to discard objects that cover the living area of the home and cause significant distress or impairment. Hoarding behavior has been associated with health risk wanting to keep a clear and clean house is considered and difficult but those with OCD have found them selves in a cycle of purchasing items. All we need is your time we will help you think about what you use an what you love all the rest is clutter we will work with you to clear one room at a time. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed but seek our help about getting rid of something just because someone gave it to you or it cost a lot of money as a result it may of lost you your visitors.

You may not want to let people in your home such as friends and family or the repair and maintenance because of the clutter embarrassment we understand and we can help you.

Reduce stress ..let us sort out every drawer and cupboard and rooms help you make a judgment on every item. We have the practical strategies for living a more positive and productive life this could be a case as hoarding which is a obsessive compulsive disorder that is experience by both men and woman to identify and transform negative self limiting beliefs and behavior that keep you stuck. The urge to perform these actions is difficult to shake off let us help you.

It gives you a fresh start we will help you get back the motivation to create a home for everything that you want to keep.  As an option we may suggest storage furniture which may be a solution to some of your problems at a low cost budget to make sure all your things have a place of their own.

It saves you time.. you may be searching for a item and feel lost and hopeless living and working in small spaces un organized so once we have you organized always put things back in the right place we will help you source storage once your thoroughly decluttered. . Once we get everything out the door you can decide how you would like your items to go to charity or to a furniture shop getting unstuck and making progress with daisy clean maid services we will give you back the motivation you need to get you back on track.

Residential Spring Cleaning

House cleaning is the effectively what Daisy Clean maid Services provides as a ongoing protection from bacteria as a promise to you for the removal of surface dirt and grime which is an essential part of our service providing and maintaining a clean and tidy home is essential scrubbing floors wash down all walls and appliances and sanitizing, cabinets and closets clean out cupboards and get you organized, as well as toilets basins removing ingrained harmful bacteria embedded bacteria spreads as a specialist cleaning service we pride our selves only to sanitizes  rooms and target bacteria!

Move Out Cleaning

Moving out can be stressful time  or maybe you just signed a new lease do you need us to help you pack as well as getting your deposit back we will work with your landlord if they are not happy we are not happy we will go back most contracts say the house must be returned in the same condition it was left in we do more than a general clean you will need a full Deep Clean with added extras to keep the landlord happy . We will ensure you get your deposit back.

Or it may be a sale of a home and you want to ensure the home is clean for the new residency we can scrub and sanitize, shine and polish and get your old residence ready for sublet or sale. We can give you the confidence that you will receive a cleaner who is through and professional with keen attention to detail

Move In Cleaning

Here are just some of the task what you can expect let Daisy Clean Maid Cleaning make this the easiest most pleasant moving experience you’ve ever had! wash and sanitize the whole house including the front door dust all accessible surfaces clean mirrors all floor areas skirting boards windows and doors take out garbage and recycling bathrooms, bedrooms en-suite tub and sink fridge all clean an wipe down cooker includes inside cabinets fridge interior exterior windows.

Helping hand

We pride ourselves in helping many families and business in anything what is required sometimes you need filing office cleaning, home cleaning just sorting out clothing needs organized s, or your closet needs clearing out you may need kitchen or bathroom just cleaned floor needs a good scrub No matter how large or small your need, you can count on our professional Cleaning Specialists to assist you thoughtfully.

Hoarding or Storage Cleaning:

Whether you need organizing and cleaning, or clutter removal or skip, you can count on us to handle the job. Let us help you reclaim your storage space.


Daisyclean Maid can take care of your toughest or most delicate laundry needs.  All you do is choose a collection time sit back and relax  We can wash, dry fold and return your laundry, hand wash dedicates, iron your clothing returned on hangers or your linens folded nicely. We can also pick up or drop off laundry – or have this sorted within 24 hours which is affordable and cost saving.

Errands/Dry Cleaning

Just give us your list!  We will pick up or drop off, do your grocery shopping,  or pick out a present for your mother’s birthday. What ever type of errand needs you may have, we’ll be there to take care of it for you. This may include regular dry cleaning pick ups and drop off or even taking a list of birthdays we will ensure the flowers or gifts are sent.

What ever the task give us a try we are reliable and trustworthy service that will free up valuable time.

Event and Party Service

We will provide you Maids for after events to help clear up / startup before and after or just someone friendly and attractive in formal black and whites to serve Hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Emergency Services

We are available to work 24 hrs. If you have an emergency – call us, we’ll come right over.

Daisyclean Maid Services 0161 4254848 or 07730059398