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cleaning ladyWe provide a full range of custom residential  & Small Business cleaning services.  

And of course, we’re friendly, Eco Safe,

Daisyclean Maid is a Custom Cleaning and Maid Service.  We can do just about ANYTHING for you in your residence and in your office Cleaning Specialists down to a single impeccable Maid or Housekeeper or just a simple clean round the office.  We offer  one time service as well as service on any regular schedule  that works best for you.  Our purpose is to make your life easier, cleaner and healthier!

What we can do for your home

We can completely organize, scrub and sanitize everything in your world!  Kitchen and bathrooms, closets and bedrooms, everything inside and out. We will hand scrub your floors and even wash your windows. We dust, vacuum and sanitize your sleeping and living spaces and scrub and shine everything from your chandeliers and ceiling fans, to your baseboards and your floors. Top to Bottom Cleaning then we polish and hoover.

Below is a partial list of things we offer, just remember if you don’t see it on the list we still can do it, as we are someone you can trust.

Relax… We do it all!

Residential, Maid, and Housekeeping Services

We will clean as deeply or as lightly as you choose. You’re in control of the time you choose to spend, according to your needs and your budget

  • We always clean and sanitize all surfaces in your home during every cleaning
  • We tidy, organize and place your things in order, according to your directives
  • We change linens and towels – when you provide us with fresh replacements
  • We’ll make your bed just the way you like it

At your request (just ask us!) At no additional charge

  • We wash, dry, fold and put away laundry
    Or we can pick it up and drop it off for you
  • We do your ironing
  • We clean inside and out of all your appliances
  • We clean inside and out of all of your closets
  • We clean inside and out of all of your cabinets
  • We wash windows and glass doors

We can provide you with a full range of other housekeeping services like:

  • Cooking
  • Call in on a dear one
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Picking up Dry Cleaning
  • and even more, just ask!

Remember you only pay for the time you use we never have any hidden charges.

Residential Spring Cleaning

Custom designed and consists of your specifically selected deep cleaning choices – some of  the things we do are: Deep cleaning and moving of furniture, rugs, curtains, everything off of bookshelves and each item cleaned and put back in place, changing out Summer/Winter clothes, chasing out all the dust bunnies from under beds, washing walls and ceilings to freshen your space, moving appliances and degreasing under and around them, scrubbing out all appliances and sanitizing, cabinets and closets cleaned out and organized, chandeliers, lighting fixtures and ceiling fans, washed, polished and sanitized.  Your space will be like new!  We do Spring Cleaning all year long!

Move Out Cleaning

Leaving your old space? We can do a basic light cleaning to assist you in satisfying your landlords needs and getting your deposit back. Or we can scrub and sanitize, shine and polish and get your old residence ready for sublet or sale. We can even help you pack your precious valuables safely, In either case, we’ll take care of the old – so you can focus on whats new !

Move In Cleaning

While you pick paint colors for the new dinning room – we will completely deep clean and sanitize every inch of your new home.  After all, for your health and well being… why move into a previous tenant’s dirt and germs?  We can simply clean, or work directly with your decorator or general landlord to have your move in be smooth and tidy!  We can also help on moving day, unpacking boxes, organizing dishes and clothing- Let Daisy Clean Maid Cleaning make this the easiest most pleasant moving experience you’ve ever had!


Sometimes you need filing, or clothing sorting, closet straightening, and sometimes you need an overhaul. No matter how large or small your need, you can count on our professional Cleaning Specialists to assist you thoughtfully.

Hoarding or Storage Cleaning:

Whether you need organizing and cleaning, or clutter removal or skip, you can count on us to handle the job. Let us help you reclaim your storage space.


Daisyclean Maid can take care of your toughest or most delicate laundry needs.  Whether your laundry equipment is on site or down the street, we’ll get it done!  We can wash, dry fold and put away your laundry, hand wash dedicates, iron your clothing or your linens. We can also pick up or drop off laundry – or arrange to have a laundry service do it for you.

Errands/Dry Cleaning

Just give us your list!  We will pick up or drop off dry cleaning, do your grocery shopping,  or pick out a present for your mother’s birthday. What ever type of errand needs you may have, we’ll be there to take care of it for you. Cooking: Having a special dinner and need some assistance?  Our staff can cut vegetables, make Hors d’oeuvres or prepare the entire meal. We can even cook dinner for the week and freeze it for you so you can come home from a busy day and still have a home cooked meal!

Event and Party Service

We will provide you Maids for after events  to help clear up / startup before and after or just someone friendly and attractive in formal black and whites to serve Hors d’oeuvres and drinks.

Emergency Services

We are available to work 24 hrs. If you have an emergency – call us, we’ll come right over.

Daisyclean Maid Services 0161 4254848 or 07730059398