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On-call office cleaning services in Manchester.  We target Dust Grime Dirt in your office as we go beyond the regular clean as standard…. as it ensures Daisy Clean Maid You got the best quality service in your office which sparkled and saved you time. £9.50hr 
We are Afordable reliable office cleaning services tailor-made to your office needs. Daisyclean Maid provides professional commercial cleaning services for small business across Manchester and the Southwest

Part of our philosophical approach to the way we do business is to look at office cleaning in a holistic manner. This means that cleaning offices is much more than just surface cleaning. It’s also about the overall health of the building and the people who work inside of it. This simply means that if you are using cleaning services for your office which merely clean at the expense of leaving harmful chemical residues or volatile organic compounds, you are defeating one of the main reasons for cleaning in the first place which is providing a sanitary environment for which employees and visitors can conduct business.subscription-cleaning

Our approach is simple, without increasing costs, we use green cleaning techniques whenever possible for office cleaning. This may mean using certain products or equipment or a combination of both. Of course because every office cleaning requires an individualized approach depending on the type of facility and possible rules and regulations we would be happy to discuss exactly how a specific green office cleaning regimen could be integrated into your routine. Office cleaning will be done effectively by using cutting-edge technologies like Green Seal chemicals and micro-fiber mopping/dusting system.

Cost Effective Office Cleaning Services

Office cleaning should not be simply looked at as an expense each month. It should be approached as something which actively improves your organization’s performance. At Daisy Clean Maid we can develop an approach to your needs that can be tailored to be as least expensive as possible. Perhaps your requirements are simple weekly vacuuming and trash removal, or they may be more complex, like a day porter service which is on site to clean on demand. The way we see it, there is no one size fits all approach to office cleaning, each situation is different, so contact us to talk about how we can help you find a service plan that fits your lady

Our customers appreciate our attention to detail and they appreciate the cost effective office cleaning techniques we employ. Utilizing best cleaning practices, we provide office cleaning in the most economical means possible. Cost effective office cleaning does not mean cheap office cleaning by any means. Our prices do not mean discounted office cleaning or cut rate office cleaning, because we strive to clean offices in the most cost effective and economical means possible each and every time. Our unique national scale with local service means we can provide the most cost effective office cleaning possible without cutting corners. Therefore we provide inexpensive office cleaning which is done right the first time. Call us to discuss how we can clean your office, today

We can offer an efficient, worry free service which will give not only peace of mind but will impress your client throughout construction and that all-important inspection/hand over day.

At Daisyclean Maid, we have a wealth of experience in providing solutions to, sometimes very demanding.

Daisy Clean Maid Service can provide you with a full deep cleaning any time of the year at an affordable price as we do not just polish we go the extra mile to ensure you get the best cleaning cleaning stu9solution designed to meet your needs as we target dust dirt and grimeand put your business back to your starting point

And  we will give you the long lasting germ free solution.  Daisy Clean Maid can easily remove the dirt you thought you would never get rid of because we work with Micro particles High Performance, Super Concentrated Economical Heavy Duty, Food Safe Degreasing Agents

Our success within this field is built on understanding and meeting our customer’s requirements and deadlines.

At Daisyclean Maid we believe a clean office is a productive office. We can provide regular office cleaning services tailor-made to your office needs. Give us a call.

Daisy Clean Maid has intense expereince within the office due to Administration / Book-keeping skills before setting up this business.mess office

  • We’ll set up your home office to enable you to work more efficiently thereby increase your productivity. Here are some of the systems we can implement to help you achieve this: 
  • Paper management
  • We set up and help you manage your papers using customized paper-flow systems that allow you to control paper, establishing organizing solutions to manage your paper more effectively and efficiently.
  • Filing systems
  • Our method uses a proven subject classification system that is easy for anyone to store and find documents easily.
  • Business systems
  • We help plan and implement integrated enterprise solutions that support effective, dependable communications resulting in business systems that help increase efficiency and productivity!
  • Time Management
  • We help you establish and develop time management strategies and techniques that produce effective results to achieving your goals.
  • Task Management
  • We provide systems and techniques to help you manage your tasks and projects. We will develop customized strategies that help you record, track and carry out your tasks and projects effectively and efficiently.
  • Work Management
  • Our Management Consultant helps you manage work so that it doesn’t manage you. We integrate time management, task management, project management, and paper management systems and techniques.

Therefore we know we can have all your paper work in order so your business is organized, like a large corporate company our solution database management.  We can produce a database designed to keep you on track and leave you feeling on top.

Dasiy Clean Maid has 20 years of  office office skills designed to come in and get out, by getting every piece of your paper work sorted in alphabetical order, Filed, understanding what letters are confidential these are proof  read we deal with your administration.  In the process of organizing and eliminating clutter, we help you sort out the real priorities and let go of things that should be filed away for 5years. We even offer a service to rid of your paper work in storage at a reduced price so you will have access to this at anytime.

  1. Professional, friendly and thorough! This is a comment I often receive from my clients. Because of the broad business experience I have gained over the years, All Together Now is just as comfortable working in any home (or garage for that matter), or private setting as well as the small business environment.
  2. My services are completely customized. I don’t force you into some standard set of techniques, organizing devices, systems or computer software. Instead, I focus on really understanding your unique needs and individual challenges. I know that one size does not fit all and so I work hard to come up with solutions that are tailored to work for you.
  3. The services are both personal and confidential. Often, after the initial organizing project ends, I find myself functioning as a trusted personal and business adviser to many of my clients. They feel free to confide their most sensitive business and personal information, knowing I’ll use it only to enhance their success and help them gain control in their lives.
  4. Organizing services that are comprehensive. Actually, there’s very little I won’t do to help my clients achieve more. To find out more about what I can do for you, please give call now for a free no obligation quote.

We’re here to help you get organized.  All that clutter that has been keeping you down. We love what we do, we’re good at it, and our customers are happy.




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