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Do you dislike washing your dirty laundry or do you simply not have time for it?

FREE pick up & drop delivery from the comfort of your home!

Wash / Dry / Fold / Return / even Ironed Ready for Use!

This is what  Daisy Clean Maid will do for you. 

Daisy Clean Maid,  will pick up and drop off your laundry within 48 hours.  The cost for our pick up and drop off services is FREE.  within a 2miles radius. We will collect garments that need to be washed and dried however we can also provide you just an Ironing service only. This is a great service for anyone who does not have time to do their laundry.

Laundry Request Form

We will do how many loads you require includes

washing machine

Laundry detergent


Starch  (only used on request)

Dryer sheets.


Clients often put unclean clothes in their laundry bag and provide a basket for us to deliver the folded clothes in.  However we can provide you a laundry bag on request .

Laundry is weighed and sorted in to into whites, lights, and darks.

Professional grade and neutral or scent detergent is used. All loads are washed separately.

Please be aware Items below are washed separetley

Comforters are charged at a separate rate from your regular laundry.


Flat/Throw Blankets


Flat/Throw Blankets


All washed loads are transferred immediately into individual dryers to reduce wrinkles. Dryers are set to medium heat to prevent shrinkage. We check the laundry instructions sheet before items are washed. We keep this on file for you and we check sheet before clothing is dried.

Dry clothes are removed promptly to reduce wrinkles.

All clothes are inspected to ensure they are laundry basketcompletely dry Laundry is folded, then placed in the laundry bag which was provided then returned.



 The Ironing Services WE LOVE1923335_f520


                            Range of boxes to  GIANT BOX HOLDING IRONING  £36.00

laundry box 2

laundry box





Request if garments are to be professionally ironed by Daisy Clean Maid or AS ONE OFF SERVICE.

classic iron

Please note we can not use your own iron and ironing board. 

Daisy Clean Maid will iron anything from shirts, bed sheets, towels, trousers, skirts, t-shirts, table clothes, underwear to socks, or if we missed anything simply leave it on the of the pile and we will iron it too.



Enjoy the benefits of a professional ironing service with Daisy Clean Maid ironing system. Our ironing system we use was designed to last many years due to the exceptional craftsmanship in the heating element, and ironing table and the iron. The steam is heated twice, whilst the heated board allows perfect finish for all types of garments. The components used in the manufacture of our ironing system is of the highest available, making it the preferred choice for Daisy Clean Maid.

What we advise.

Do not put dry clean only sweaters in your laundry bag. As we will inform you if we feel the garment needs to be dry cleaned.

We can provide you hand washing service see price list. What we recommend that you have these items dry Cleaned or personally ask us to hand wash your very delicate items.

We know Zippers on the garments will fall of if we do not completely zip up the garment and turn them inside out before putting it in to machine.  So we ask you to check zips are not broken before putting the garment into the bag.

We find some time shirts will often shrink in the wash however we will make every effort to sort clothes we suspect may shrink and have these washed on cold settings . For best results it may be best to have these garments submited to be dry cleaned.

Please do not put leather items in your wash & fold bag. We can  have these dry cleaned.

Please place all items that you don’t want put in the dryer in a separate plastic bag inside your laundry bag. Place a piece of paper with the words “NO DRYER” in extremely big letters inside this bag. Cashmere and more expensive sweaters we will have these dry cleaned.

If you just purchased new dark colored items, such as dark pants,we suggest you should soak them before washing. This will ensure that all excess dye is removed and so that it will not stain your other clothes when you mix them to wash. Some dye will rub onto you washing machine without presoaks.

By placing garments in the laundry bag, we assume they are wash and fold items. Please do not put any dry cleaning garments in the laundry bag under any circumstances unless stated on form.

Please remember to remove all items, especially pens, from your pockets before submitting them in your garment bag. We are not responsible for damage to garments from items left in your pockets!

Laundry Request Form

Try our wash and fold service and the 1st bag is FREE!

Laundry Request Form

We care about every item you leave with us 

We pick up and delivery full garment care service. We provide professional wash and fold, pickup and delivery laundry service that includes a 48 hour turn around time. All loads are professionally washed so there’s no need to worry about your clothes being mixed up with someone else’s.

Once you order the service, bags will be delivered to your residence shortly thereafter.

Call us giving a date and time or you can leave your bag in front/back of you home and one of our staff members will pick it up under no circumstances will items be returned if  your not available.

We are a professional cleaning & laundry service and are aware that our customers may have special needs and requests. We are also happy to wash your clothes with any detergent you would like. IF we do not carry that brand, we ask that you provide enough for that day. Just write your special needs on the inventory sheet, place it inside your bag and your request will be accommodated as best as possible.

For those customers who are washing delicates, we will make sure their laundry receives appropriate attention. Delicates should be placed in a plastic bag inside your laundry bag with special care instructions. The Dry Cleaning service is also available for special garment care.

No way! You have enough to worry about. Lights, darks, whites …Leave the sorting to us. All you need to do is throw your all you laundry in a bag and we will pick it up for you and take care of the rest

No article will go missing due to our tagging system there is a good chance that a roommate put it in their laundry bag by mistake. Every customer has the choice of filling out an inventory sheet before every service. These sheets can would be given to customers when requested at the time of pick up. A copy of the inventory sheet will be kept by the customer and a copy will be kept by Daisy Clean Maid. This is to check the inventory sheet to ensure that every item is there before and after each service. If there is an item in question, then please contact a customer service representative within 3 days of service. In the rare event that an item was on the inventory sheet and is determined missing, the customer will be reimbursed according to the International Fabricates Institute’s standards.

Call us to Schedule a pick up at your front door!

Laundry Request Form

Our estimates are:

7-8 shirts for 1 hour, 4 shirts 30 minutes

8-10 T-shirts for 30-40 minutes

1 set bed linen 30-40 minutes

10 pair of jeans for 1 hour, 5-6 pair of jeans for 30 minutes

Minimum of 2 hours apply.

We are available to do your washing and ironing.



Laundry Request Form


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