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Wimslow Ironing & Laundry Services Professional Wash n’ Dry Service - At Mobile Daisyclean Maid Service in Bramhall . Takes the stress out your laundry We sort it, wash it, dry it and fold it or Iron it just like you would only this is done the professional way!


We know life can get hectic   Never seems enough time in the day. And laundry seems to pile up. So why not let Daisy Clean Maid take charge of your personal laundry and Ironing & include the pickup and delivery service. If you have laundry, then you need us!

Daisy Clean Maid offers to take the stress out your ironing this all can be done if reqested.

As we find out our clients find ironing a chore? And they feel like they can never get to the bottom of their ironing pile? Ever wish it would disappear? Daisy Clean Maid provides a friendly local service to do just the job you hate.

All ironing is done in a smoke free environment and collection and delivery is free. We offer a 48 hour turnaround, however, a 24 hour service is available (subject to availability) We offer a fast, affordable and reliable ironing service and you get a professional great service.

                         WE SAY JUST FILL OUR TIME SAVER BOX

laundry box

Giant box holding 9kg of ironing only £26.00

laundry box 2

OR Try our Large box holding 17kg of Ironing only £36.00


wp47875396_05_061st bag Free


From Your Favorite Polo Shirt to Those Designer Sheets …

Mobile Daisyclean Maid  is all full all day round full-service location in Stockport. We clean all types of garments and fabrics and much more. We are here to make your life easier we’ll go to your home, flat, office, to pick up and deliver your garments (call for service areas).laundry

  • Environmental Friendly Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Speciality Items
  • Special Care Instructions Available
  • We are here to make your life Easier!

We know laundry is personal and people are particular about how their clothes are handled.

That’s why when you ask Dasiyclean Maid to do your laundry you can tell us exactly  – and we mean exactly – how you would like your laundry done. Pick your detergent, your drying temperatures, tell us if you want your clothes folded, rolled, or hung. Shirts boxed? Light starch? The point is we’ll put as much care into doing your family’s laundry as you So we want you  to relax! after a hard day at work you can have your laundry back to you washed freshened and ironed as if brand new that’s why you should leave your laundry to us!

We use only premium laundry detergents and fabric softeners to ensure you get only the highest quality laundry

At Daisy Clean Maid we offer a full line of detergents, fabric softeners, and organic products, so you don’t have to change your laundry regiment to save a couple £s. Your comfort and satisfaction is our main priority. We understand laundry isn’t just a business, it’s personal, and we want you to feel comfortable with us as we care for your personal needs.

Because we provide a FREE collection and delivery service, within a 2.5 mile radius we should have your laundry delivered back to you by 6:00 pm  or the next day or another day you choose.  All  your laundry and ironing will  be presented back to you on a hanger or in our 1st bag free so you can now put this back in your wardrobe.

Why choose Daisy Clean Maid classic iron

Because you’re trusting us with what is normally a very private chore, we’re committed to doing the best job possible. We honestly know that we can do your laundry even better than you can because it will be professionally handled and more affordable than a launderette as your clothes will be presented back to you ironed on hangers in polythene wrap or wrapped and ready to wear in our free bag.

To make sure this happens we listened in on how you would like your laundry done. You told us exactly how you would like your clothes washed and that’s how we’ll do it. We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible with Daisy Clean Maid. You choose what kind of soap to use; what temperature water we should use when washing your clothes; what kind of soap; would you like things like socks folded or rolled? Shirts boxed or hung? It’s pretty detailed but if there’s something we missed, or if you just want to draw our attention to any special instruction, there’s a place for that too.  And if you don’t feel like doing this Just include a note with your laundry. We review every sheet before your clothes hit the water.

Household Bedding

Tired of stuffing large bedding items into the washer only to have them come out soapy? Problem solved. Include them with your regular laundry, letus know if you want them washed or dry cleanedwashing machine and we’ll take care of it for you.

Daisy Clean Maid Laundry & Ironing services is done in an environmentally conscious way. Our eco-friendly process ensures that your delicate items get cleaned without the use of harsh chemicals.

AMAZING RATES for People that benefit from Daisy Clean Maid Services. 

  • Singles
  • Physically Challenged
  • Students
  • Busy People
  • Mothers
  • Injured Individuals
  • Retired and Elderly
  • Tired People

 Because We Offer FREE Pickup And Delivery Laundry And Ironing Service WASH, DRY & FOLDED OR IRONED YOU GET AN AFFORDABLE.

  • Professional Dry Cleaning, Laundry Services
  • Daisyclean Maid of Professionals that Care About Your Laundry
  • Affordable, Competitive Pricing
  • Easy to Use Scheduling System and Services
  • Incredible Convenience
  • FREE Pick-up & Delivery
  • Monthly Cost-Saving Specials
  • Guaranteed Reliability

We can email you our  2min Laundry list sheet to fill out before we collect…This way you keep track on all your items.  So we want you  to relax! after a hard day at work you can have your laundry back to you washed freshened and ironed as if brand new that’s why you should leave your laundry to us!

Delivery charge – Free collection and delivery for orders 2.5 miles radius. Otherwise there will be a delivery charge, as follows: £2.00  2.5 miles from Bramhall  £4.50; up to 10 miles £7.50. Alternatively you may drop off and collect. from our premises by prior arrangement – call for details.

01614254848 or 07730059398

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