kitchen cleaning services

When you cook in your Kitchen you become  Chef ensure your kitchen is prepared by Daisy Clean Maid as we will Deep Clean Kitchen  so well it will Replenish your kitchen and keep

bacteria  away to ensure your family health 

Let's Bring Natural Cleaning Into Your Lovely Kitchen

Affective concentrated antiseptic treatment  will be done for personal hygiene use for anyone using these areas all appliances should be moved and will wipe down under and on top every part of the kitchen will be cleaned cooker cleaned to regular standard, inside and out microwave and fridge freezers for germs can cause illness, inside counter tops for bacteria and outside cabinets, tiled floors scrubbed, walls washed down and scrubbed, backsplash cleaned and polished, Wash floors, mop floors, clean skirting boards ,all windows cleaned including the Pvc  we are elephant tough on grime but gentle on smooth on surfaces this would require a thoroughly good spring deep cleaning and would need the time as all kitchens are

different sizes in measurements and have different requirements therefore your pricing would need to change for we only can quote by the size of your room.