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Our Natural Cleaning Service works pretty much perfectly to high standards we do not rush but pay attention to detail this is really what your need for a fast service

We use our Natural Cleaning products

When we clean it using our own cleaning green grease remover it works fast and kills germs that target dirt ,the elephant force we use is the Power House

Regular cleaning Services and Irioning Services

Our services really does work as we keep on top of your cleaning it gets easier so you do not have to worry we offer a regular update and keep on track of the dust our Elephant power clean leaves the room fresh and fruity

About Us

One Touch Of Our Cleaning Services will turn your home around

We are the Ideal Cleaning company that provides you the service that you need Our services work to the highest standard and the performance is outstanding starting your deep cleaning process helps to restore your home to how you like it. As we start on your home it is always seen as start up to boost periodic professional cleaning for frequent routine ongoing services Trust us we are the best 

Our Unique Cleaning leaves as long lasting antiseptic lasting fragrance of our tough elephant spring Cleaning for the finish you want will lubricate the dirt away preventing any scratching We clean to Protect you and your family against germs dirt dust bacteria virus we cut through all the hard work for you 


All Home Cleaning Deep Cleaning house keeping maid Office Cleaning to meet your all around jobs Laundry & Ironing needs free estimates by phone use us our Cleaning Impeccable Specialist your time is a renewable resource let us get it right

Green Solutions Nature products, We Love Nature

We use natural cleaning products that penetrate and removes completely the most stubborn dirt our heavy duty cleaning decreases heavy or light ingrained dirt

Every Week Is a Second Spring Cleaning

At Daisy Clean Maid we offer a high quality professional all around cleaning & Jobs that can be modified to your cleaning expectations which suit your needs providing you the control to choose any part of your home

Just Let leave the keys

Your home treated how we treat our home we leave each room of your home spotless

A Light Wind Swept Over your home cleaning , And All Nature Laughed In The Sunshine.


Deep Cleaning Services

When we Clean parts or your home this Reduces the Dust Mites from the Air. Removes airborne viruses, pollution, dust, allergens, smoke & bacteria in your home you thought you never had  Get rid of mould. Breathe better. Improve your healthWhy you need a cleaning service


When you are out and about you will return back to a hygienically Clean and longer lasting summer freshness space Since 2013 we have done our best to overcome household cleaning we have worked in every room even in the office cleaning perfectly we are the professionals 


What we do Cut your time in half  remove odours Polish light and hard surfaces and get your Glass gleaming We will Replenish your office, kitchen, Bathroom do your Laundry Washing & Ironing keeps all this keeps the bugs away recommendation Every two to Four Weeks  

We provide you all your cleaning products to offer you that 48 hour protection to leave it hygienically clean

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Grace Murphy


Message from the founder

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

Since 2013 we have worked hard to search and discover what our customers want and it is the deep cleaning services at first insight Daisy Clean Maid know what our customers expect we will go above your expectations each and every visit to avoid you searching for the best cleaning company in town we have to take our work serious in your cleaning needs. Our maid Service is impeccable call us today you will not be disappointed.

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You can Contact us and discover more Mobile  07730059398 Land line 01614254848 or send us a email daisycleanmaid.co.uk

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